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Dr. Tshidi Gardiner Coaching
Burnout Prevention Blueprint
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Are you a mom and veterinary professional struggling with time management and battling burnout?

Working in the medical field is rewarding. It can also be overwhelming. Dr. Tshidi Gardiner gets it. Sign up for her Burnout Prevention Blueprint: Seven Simple Steps to Avoid Burnout course to take control of your schedule and your stress.


3 Ways to Practice Self Care

For many women in the medical field, life is a balancing act. Family life and a demanding career are just the beginning.

Joining Dr. Tshidi in this course is guaranteed to bring balance and calm to your professional and personal life. Along with her numerous medical achievements and qualifications, Dr. Tshidi is trained to help you develop skills in conscious parenting, overcoming imposter syndrome, caring for your nutrition and wellbeing, and more.